Every Life is Precious

Every Life is Precious


What We Do

WoolyWarmth, a non profit organization, provides handmade, knitted and crocheted warm clothing items such as caps, socks and blankets to the families of newborns to keep their little ones cozy, comfortable and healthy. We hope that our blankets also provide comfort to patients with ailing health. We make colorful caps for children as well as adults suffering from cancer. We hope that our caps help cancer sufferers get through the painful effects of chemotherapy.

We registered as a 501(c)3 organization in 2015. WoolyWarmth is an eclectic group of high school kids and members of senior centers from across the Bay Area. Our relationships are strengthened by our passion for crocheting/knitting and volunteering.



Our Motivation

New born babies, especially premature babies, are most susceptible to the harsh cold weather. Some times parents of these babies are unable to provide warm clothing for their little angels either because such clothing is not easily available or because such specialty clothing is expensive.

The birth of a baby is a memorable event for the family. A personalized gift ofclothing items such as caps, socks, sweaters and blankets by the hospital to the families makes the event unforgettable. Wooly Warmth is proud to be make such gifts possible.

The loss of hair is a painful part of chemotherapy. We make colorful hats for both young kids and adults and donate them to St. Jude Children's Hospital and American Cancer Society. We hope to bring comfort to these patients.


Since our inception, we have donated handmade crocheted/knitted items to local, national and international hospitals/organizations. Read more about all the recipients of our donations.

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If you can either knit or crochet, join Wooly Warmth and help us create much cherished handmade items. Can't knit or crochet? No worries. You can volunteers as a fundraiser, outreach coordinator or as asupplies coordinator. Ready to take the next step?

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Dear Wooly Warmth Volunteers,

I recently gave birth to my son at Washington Hospital in Fremont, CA. While I was there they gave me a lovely knit hat for my son that was made by your group. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. :)

Sincerely,                                                                                                          The Salas Family


I am cozy wearing a cute, blue, knitted cap. Thank you. My hair fell out after chemo and it was far more of an emotional shock than I thought it would be. Getting to choose a hat has helped me in several ways. I'm able to regulate my temperature and protect my scalp, and best of all--the hat is cheery and fun. Thanks for your kindness.
Clearly Ambiguous

Dear WoolyWarmth,

Our baby boy Henry was born this month, the nurse gave us a hat and a jacket as a gift of celebration. We loved them and thank you so much!

Family of Baby Henry



Dear Wooly Warmth,

Thank you for the lovely cap that I received from your organization. I am a patient of cancer and I am recovering from the side effects of chemo cocktail. The colorful cap keeps my spirits high while I wait for my hair to grow back.

Thank you,                                                                                                    Sarah



Our Fundraising Efforts

WoolyWarmth received an extremely generous donation of yarn from Yarnspirations.com. This donation allowed us to crochet/knit items for many hospitals.


Wooly Warmth is entirely funded from generous contributions from family, friends, donations from yarn companies and members of the community. We use these funds to purchase knitting and crochet supplies. You can contribute in more than one way:

Contribute through GoFundme: Please support our 2017 efforts by making donations securely.

Contribute through Amazon Smile

  1. Register through Amazon Smile as supporting Wooly Warmth.

  2. Every time you make a purchase, Amazon contributes 0.5% of the total cost of your purchase to Wooly Warmth.

  3. These points can later be used by Wooly Warmth to buy yarn/any supplies.

Our Tax ID is: 47-5280695